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00-YuriAhn-theStyliatme-get-fabulous-fit-nowWORKOUT! BECAUSE I CAN Hello Loves! Hope you had an absolutely fabulous week-end, full of joy, love, rest and fun! I love to do Ashtanga yoga for so many years that I do. but a few weeks I’m trying to go to the gym. Let me say, I LOVE IT! My personal trainer says ‘Good things come to those who sweat’ and Forget skinny! I work out because i want to be hot! Lol Feels absolutely current with my sports bra & simple black leggings! Of course I think that should be always glamorous also in the gym, Keeping these three keywords: SportyFeminineElegant. I’m super excited because I have so many interesting projects for my blog! And Let me tell you, i’m ready for fantastic ski weekend after #Milanofashionweek! Very relaxing  to ski downhill at full speed with my music and enjoying the beautiful sun. I can’t wait! More news is coming up! I hope you like it as much as I do! Follow on Instagram my daily update! Have a Lovely new week!

01-YuriAhn-theStyliatme-get-fabulous-fit-nowBe a warrior not a worrier. This is my goal. Arms are set… I’m Working on myself ! Take care of my body :-) 02-YuriAhn-theStyliatme-get-fabulous-fit-now Working hard in silence let success make the noise. Let me tel you, obviously inspired by fluo pink colour. I love my sneakers by nike!03-YuriAhn-theStyliatme-get-fabulous-fit-now 04-YuriAhn-theStyliatme-get-fabulous-fit-nowSERIOUSLY! The only way i’m going to end up body builder big is if i dedicate my LIFE to it, among other things. Don’t be afraid to lift weights. You lift weights, you gain muscle.05-YuriAhn-theStyliatme-get-fabulous-fit-nowI think, fitness is 100% mental your body won’t go where your mind doesn’t push it. And your body hears everything your mind say.06-YuriAhn-theStyliatme-get-fabulous-fit-nowFitness workout  gym Becomept exercises muscle conditioning strength Becomept weight loss bodybuilding cute exercise fit with Personal Trainer @Daniele.07-YuriAhn-theStyliatme-get-fabulous-fit-now 08-YuriAhn-theStyliatme-get-fabulous-fit-now I’m not strong for a girl. I’m just strong! 09-YuriAhn-theStyliatme-get-fabulous-fit-nowIf i tell you more, same time I also do kickboxing. It’s really exciting!

Check out  my best healthy tips10-YuriAhn-theStylistme-super-breakfast-smoothie-fruts-shake-apple-blueberry-strawberry-kiwi-ginger-tomato-orange-carotI’m quite health conscious, and I’m generally quite careful about what I eat and put into my body. The most important meal of the day for me is breakfast. I prepare a healthy home made smoothie with fresh fruits and vegetables. Plus its low in calories and high in nutriments. The ingredients are: fresh sicilian oranges, blueberries, kiwis, carrots, strawberries, apples, tomatoes, ginger. I also put half a glass of orange juice and put everything in the mixer. This massive smoothie gives me the energy I need to tackle the day.15_YuriAhn_Digital FashionSpecialist_at_ Dolce_and_Gabbana_blogger_theStylistmeFor me it’s really important to have a good & healthy brakfast. listening to some relaxing music, and have a look to the news on my iPad and organizing my day!

11-YuriAhn-theStylistme-favourits-snack-dry fruits-nuts-armonds-pistachio-Dried_Plum-black soy I love prunes, blueberries, almonds and pistachios.12-YuriAhn-theStyliatme-vitaminsThe smoothie and the yogurt fill me up, but I also take vitamins and supplements to further enhance my regime. My mother finds me all these potions! I take lots of pills every day then for one month a year I detox from all the vitamins. 13-YuriAhn-theStyliatme-get-fabulous-fit-nowStop thinking too much, it’s alright not to know the answers. They will come to you when you least expect it. And  “Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.” Let’s smile!14-YuriAhn-theStyliatme-get-fabulous-fit-nowNow aperitivo time! Bubbles vs Latte macchiato ;-)

More news is coming up! Follow on Instagram my daily update! 

Have a Lovely new week!

Hope you’re enjoying your life and living every minute to the fullest.

Lovers I wish all you guys a great new week!

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