TheStylistme introduce you to Korean traditional Cuisine

I am very happy to introduce you to Korean Cuisine. One of the most interesting things to find out about when in Korea is its cuisine, which is a long history in tradition and culture. It has a lot in…

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The after party in Seoul

After the Dolce&Gabbana Event in Seoul, I stayed on to see my family and friends. On the 9th November, I went for brunch with lovely little Yumin and her mum Dohuyn at the Comme Des Garcons shop which had just…

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Dolce & Gabbana Party in Seoul

  I’m as their official translator for Mr Dolce and Mr Gabbana on their tour to Seoul. The design due headed to the Far East for an event packed trip, culminating with the grand opening of their boutique in Seoul.

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My Portrait from Yoo Min’s Perspective

‘About A Boy’ by Nick Horny happens to be one of my favourite novels of all times. Although I have watched the movie many times, I still prefer the book itself. Hugh Grant does a great job portraying the main…

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