Bagni Sillo A beach Paradise a stone’s throw form Milan

If i had to choose between going tot h beach or to the mountains, i would always opt for the beach, I just love the sea. Whenever its humanly possible, i like going to the beach with friends, in summer and in winter too. There is something so relaxing about watching the sea, the horizon, and the sound of the waves lulling your care free thoughts. When i’m by the sea i just feel i can let go of my concerns, of my daily routine… as well as getting a tan of course! When summer hits Italy i often go to Liguria to the beach. There are so many beautiful little place, each one is different and characteristic of the traditions of the region. Its different form the South of Italy, but no less romantic. My favourite places to go are Cinque Terre, Porto Venere, Lerici, Portofino and Camogli. This time though, i found a secret paradise ‘Bagni Sillo’. I was looking for a new place to visit for a quiet weekend with some friends, and this place was exactly what i was looking for. Thank you thechicfish.I went with some my lovely friends who also love sun sea and #Relax: @Yigit Turhan, @Nicolo Milella, @Dennis Valle, @Gilda Manfrin Now, lets go discover Bagni Sillo! Continue reading “Bagni Sillo A beach Paradise a stone’s throw form Milan” »

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Mix & Match with leopard and floral print for Summer

Here’s how to create a feminine Mix & Match  look that’s’ in keeping with the season’s trends. Let me tell you that personally i love mix and matching. Not only with clothes, but with nailpolish and accessories. Of course a degree of harmony needs to be maintained even when indulging in extreme mix and matching. Continue reading “Mix & Match with leopard and floral print for Summer” »

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Campioni: my first experience as a Video journalist!

The exhibition. This fashion week #MFW I was rather busy, and one of my missions came directly from Domenico Dolce, I had to interview the protagonists of his first Photograpfic book: Campioni. As soon as I heard I got worried, as I know nothing about football, but I had some help and we got some good questions ready for the young footballers. The evening began with a beautiful exhibition in the new Dolce&Gabbana design headquarters. There were massive posters all over the walls and single shots of the players along a corridor, it was all very elegant and beautiful.

Three hours before the red carpet call the team involved in the event met up to organize everything. Thank you guys so much for helping me out! I couldn’t have done it without you! It’s show time!! Dress code-impeccably elegant! It was my first experience as a video interviewer and behind my smile my legs were actually trembling!!!! lol Continue reading “Campioni: my first experience as a Video journalist!” »

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A blogger’s paradise: Dolce&Gabbana fashion show

In front of the Metropol theatre i posed for some photographers and chatted to some of my yellow bloggers, like Simona Melani, our very own authentic Sicilian girl, who contributes a column to Swide. Continue reading “A blogger’s paradise: Dolce&Gabbana fashion show” »

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In the Backstage at Dolce&Gabbana SS13 Fashion Show

As always i arrived at the theatre three hours before show time as to prepare the must have article for Swide. Diego, the head menswear designer explained the collection to me in detail. He was very emotional when describing the details and i was really taken a back by the quality. Sicily and Dolce&Gabbana are inseparable, but this collection, it was renovated and fresh, as well as very personal. I thought it was really very elegant, especially the materials and silhouettes.

As always i try to be the go between the design office and the public, through Swide. Continue reading “In the Backstage at Dolce&Gabbana SS13 Fashion Show” »

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Need to refresh your mind? #fashionweek #milano FW 2013

I need your help! I’m choosing my outfits for #fashionweek #milano Which one do you prefer?? So which outfit do you rather? OMG what should i wear? Only a few days to go and i haven’t made up my mind. Maybe i should wear them all!! #fashionweek #milano

Continue reading “Need to refresh your mind? #fashionweek #milano FW 2013” »

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Summer style tips: Statement necklaces

In Summer oversize accessories are a must! As well ad bangles, oversize necklaces help to make an outfit more glamour. I love to wear them in summer- a tanned arm with coloured bracelets or bangles these are fun and trendy too.

As you know, i love to wear impressive jewellery: i want my necklace to be visible 3Km away! As i mentioned before, with leopard print i advise you to contrast the wild look with lady like pearls. However, if you wanna stand out then a gold necklace with charms and disks works super well too, especially in Summer. In Summer I rather colourful necklaces with charms or in materials which remind me of the sea like sea shells or mother of pearl. a tan of course exaggerates the colours and textures if the necklaces.

Continue reading “Summer style tips: Statement necklaces” »

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Summer style tips: Colourful bangles

For Summer i like to dress in a playful style, colours, silhouettes and contrasts for a cool look in the summer heat. I do like bangles in summer: different colours and shapes all worn together, In summer i like to experiment with jewellery to create more interesting stylings. a tan of course exaggerates the colours and textures if the bangles.

I also like to play with large accessories that are more than just trinkets. For example i like to pile on colourful bangles, even in contrasting colours to lift the look. Alternatively i mix materials, Perspex with python and metal. As you can see in the pics i have like a dozen coloured bangles which i like to match to different looks. I also really like my coin charm bracelet, its noisy but so fun. I also like tot o contrast my bangles with my nailpolish! Continue reading “Summer style tips: Colourful bangles” »

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Leopard print passion- it’s as wild as the jungle!

My passion for leopard print is endemic, I loved leopard print even before i starter working for Dolce&Gabbana. Of course to love the print you have to love the animal too. It was amazing to go on Safari in Africa and to see a real life leopard, elegantly draped on a tree, in the shade, having a dose. The leopard is so regal, even when napping. For this blog i wanted to tell you about my love for leopards. I thought it made sense. Here i took out all of my leopard print outfits, and they’re a lot and want to suggest what to wear with animalier prints.  Leopard print is a strong string in Dolce&Gabbana’s DNA, every season there’s leo print and new and exciting colour variants. Many people assume that leopard print is hard work to wear, sexy or even vulgar, but with the right accessories it can be a chic feminine look for the daytime too.

01 Ultra feminine leopard The corset s one of my favourite items. I think its a must have piece in every woman’s wardrobe. It depends on the occasion: you can wear it with a denim mini, or skinny jeans, or even go crazy and wear just that. I was wearing it in this way for a Harper’s Bazaar interview. The snow leopard variation is sleek and sexy! I wore this dress on my birthday last year. For the day, usually wear leo accessories (scarf, bag, shoes). In this pic i was completely leopard print- but it was just because i was in NY and i needed a big bag, and a scarf cause it was windy, and all i had were leopard print ones. I was away and couldn’t take all my things with me for a different styling occasion every day. Continue reading “Leopard print passion- it’s as wild as the jungle!” »

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Illustrating the Dolce&Gabbana must haves on Swide

As an ex fashion designer, as you by now must know, i absolutely love to draw. I’ve turned my hobby into something useful for Swide by occasionally illustrating some articles. I’m showcasing some of my favorite pieces in some post dotted here and there. Today, it’s the turn of my Must Have illustrations. Continue reading “Illustrating the Dolce&Gabbana must haves on Swide” »

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